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September 2017

The Razer question: what can you do with 10 million dollars?

Razer recently published an e-payment proposal summary, which includes committing S$10M to deploy a common cashless payment solution in Singapore, maybe Razer Pay, in 18 months. What can you do with S$10 million? Not much actually. Let’s do some simple… Continue Reading →

Southeast Asia’s ecommerce logistic headache: finally resolved?

Whilst catching up with some friends running e-commerce businesses in the Philippines, we chatted about changes in the logistics – for a long time prime challenge for e-commerce in the country.   A number of new e-commerce logistic companies have… Continue Reading →

Abrupt disruption, this is just the beginning!

  It is actually quite funny that while the whole world blamed the banks for 2008 financial crisis, they continued anyway to store money in those same banks. They willingly pay hefty fees, and wait countless (certainly feels like that,… Continue Reading →

Real implications of China’s ICO ban?

Ether’s price dropped sharply today, immediately after the Chinese Central Government announced they were banning Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs). The drop wiped out millions of dollars from Ethereum market cap: If you are not familiar with ICOs or Ether, you might… Continue Reading →

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