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October 2017

Mobile payment in Southeast Asia – overview and trends – Part 1/3

Can someone replicate the success of Wechat Pay or Alipay? Our Chinese entrepreneur friends believe that the low penetration of banking services in South East Asia presents a huge opportunity for mobile payment. On visits to the region, they ask… Continue Reading →

Supercharge your product team

With Asia’s startup scene having skyrocketed over the last five years, the one role that has perhaps piqued the most interest is that of the product manager. Despite this trend, the role of a product manager is often not well… Continue Reading →

What do entrepreneurs really need

Technical skills are not useless – but they are not the dealbreaker. Money, doors, and psychology are. Last year, at a seminar in Singapore, a girl in the audience asked the panel, “I want to do a startup. I have… Continue Reading →

Why a derelict rural shop accepts WeChat & Alipay

I stopped my car to walk into this small grocery shop near the roadside to buy some bottled water. This was in the countryside in Eastern China, about 3.5 hours drive out of Shanghai. The shop was derelict – with… Continue Reading →

Decision making in a startup: give up some to gain more

Most startups a have limited runway, constantly running against time, market, and competition. It is imperative to ensure that the right person calls the shots to avoid costly delays or deadlocks.  A proper, and efficient, decision making mechanism makes great… Continue Reading →

Overlooked enabler of China’s last mile logistics success

What  are the biggest enablers of China’s ecommerce and O2O boom? Capital, technology, (huge) consumer base, rising consumption power, and (relatively) cheap labour? Well, they are all significant. However, there is one crucial enabler for last mile, which is often… Continue Reading →

Rein in the dynamics between disruption and regulation

In this age where new things keep coming out, it seems that regulators are always a step too fast or a step too slow. The disagreements between regulators in different countries over ride-hailing apps such as Uber are still manifesting… Continue Reading →

Chat bots & AI – Part 2: who will own the future

Who will own the future of intelligent chat bots? On one hand, there are internet giants such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Alibaba and Tencent. These companies have two distinct advantages: Cash that can be invested for the long term, unlike… Continue Reading →

Chatbots and AI- Part 1: not married yet, but soon

More and more, we see chatbots being rolled out by banks, airlines, ecommerce platforms… anyone who has contact with customers. And more and more, we are not sure when we are talking to a real human being, or an ‘intelligent’… Continue Reading →

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