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December 2017

[MW Special Report] Vietnamese consumer finance market

The Vietnamese consumer finance market presents tremendous growth opportunities. Market potential Vietnam has a population of 92.7 million with income per capita of $2185.7 in 2016. In 2016, according to World Bank’s statistics, the country’s working age population (those aged… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin – last wake up call for financial players

With some pundits pricing Bitcoin at US$100,000 in the next 18 months, time to wake up!

Why tech companies are (increasingly) not paying recruiters

Momentum Works has been hiring aggressively lately. When I ask my friends where we should look for good people – the answer varies, but it’s never to engage external recruiters. They complain that the candidates given to them are not up… Continue Reading →

Are Self-Service Terminals The Way to go for Restaurants?

Self-service ordering and payment kiosks, initially deployed by McDonalds and Golden Village Cinemas, are now widely available among fast food franchises in Singapore. In fact, they have mushroomed across the food & beverage (F&B) sector, especially among the chain establishments…. Continue Reading →

Angry CEO & his Ezbuy

“We can’t decide whether the big players are bullying us, but we can do our best to improve ourselves in order not to be bullied” On Friday, He Jian, Founder & CEO of Ezbuy, posted (on WeChat) an open letter… Continue Reading →

Our interpretations of Comfort Uber tie-up

A rumour that had been circulating for a few weeks was proved to be true. Comfort DelGro, Singapore’s biggest taxi company, has finally confirmed in an announcement ( that it is acquiring 51% of Lion City Car Rental (LCR), a… Continue Reading →

[MW Special Report] Consumer Finance Overview in Indonesia – Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we had an overview of the entire Indonesian market, and zoomed into consumer behaviour and consumer finance market. In the second section, we will look into the regulatory environment, identify key players in consumer… Continue Reading →

[MW Special Report] Consumer Finance Overview in Indonesia – Part 1

The increasing household expenditure and the underdeveloped consumer lending industry create huge demand and growth potential for consumer finance in Indonesia. While hundreds of players are rushing in because of the clear opportunities, underlying risks must be weighted to ensure… Continue Reading →

Why Jack Ma is missing from the dinner of Chinese internet billionaires

There is a photo circulating on the internet about some of the most prominent names of Chinese mobile internet industry gathering at the same dinner table. Many of you asked us three questions: Is this photo real? Who exactly are… Continue Reading →

ezbuy – lessons of how not to be held hostage by technology

Once the biggest e-commerce company in Singapore, ezbuy has been on a downward spiral since Singles Day 2016, where it saw what was believed to be tens of thousands of orders not delivered to customers. The main reason orders did… Continue Reading →

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