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Will LightInTheBox save Ezbuy and itself?

The announced acquisition price of Ezbuy was above the market cap of LITB after Thursday’s trading. LITB took a series of actions, including replacing CEO...

ezbuy raises US$17.6m – what happens next?

Since He Jian's meltdown last year, accusing Alibaba of playing dirty - we were in doubt if ezbuy would ever raise funds again

Angry CEO & his Ezbuy

“We can’t decide whether the big players are bullying us, but we can do our best to improve ourselves in order not to be...

ezbuy – lessons of how not to be held hostage by technology

Once the biggest e-commerce company in Singapore, ezbuy has been on a downward spiral since Singles Day 2016, where it saw what was believed...

Ezbuy’s Taobao accounts suspended: What it should have done

In October, we published an article on the viability of Ezbuy facing an onslaught of Taobao entering Southeast Asia through Lazada. Now in the light...

Lazada squeezes the likes of Ezbuy out in Southeast Asia

We have always been arguing that with the giants such as Alibaba, Lazada and entering the Southeast Asian market, smaller e-commerce platforms will...

10 Facts about SPACs

10 things you should know about SPACs

Lessons and experiences from building an AI company in Southeast Asia

This is a contributed article by Dr. Huanbo Luan, co-founder and CEO of 6Estates, one of the most hard-core AI startups in Singapore. Despite being...

Final verdict: how many 2018 SEA predictions did we get right?

GoPay, bitcoins and corporate innovation are the biggest disappointments.

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