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An overview of Rocket Internet’s 2017 results

Worthy also to note that Rocket Internet’s price to earnings ratio is hovering around 1,800 to 1.

Rocket Internet’s workforce down by 50% – what does that mean?

This is not the first time we wrote about Rocket Internet’s fading star. In fact, it recently (although not openly admitting) closed many of...

Rocket Internet exits Southeast Asia?

Bigger Rocket ventures, especially those active between 2012 and 2015, left a deep mark in the region’s ecosystem.

Huawei and Rocket Internet: great similarities

The two companies are successful in different ways, but there are many traits they share

Hot pots to investment hot spots – Rocket veteran Fernando discusses Latam and Asian...

Latin America is home to some of the world’s fastest growing markets and it has seen an exponential growth in startups, investments, valuations, and...

Rocket seeks to dominate the discounts market in SEA?

Is Rocket Internet finally looking to consolidate the discount players in the Southeast Asian market?

Why venture builders stumble in Southeast Asia?

It is hard to just copy Rocket Internet without understanding it

What are the handful of universal principles for venture building in Asia?

It is not by accident that Rocket Internet executives have gone on to found very successful ventures.

On stranger tides: Southeast Asia tech investment 2023 Part 3 – Forgotten sage

In the third part of our discussion, we dwell into the intriguing nuances of Southeast Asia's tech investment landscape, with particular emphasis on the...

On Stranger tides: Southeast Asia tech investment 2023 full transcript

Introduction  This is the transcript of the Momentum Works - Cento Ventures event: On stranger tides: Southeast Asia tech investment 2023 held on Friday, 12...

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