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Can SHEIN ever become sustainable?

Ever since SHEIN started gaining popularity, it has often faced backlash for being unsustainable. The brand is often accused of promoting overconsumption and blamed...

[Seeing the unseen] Will Pinduoduo’s Temu beat SHEIN and Amazon in the US?

In Chinese tech, no incumbent can sit back and relax.  In recent weeks, the media has been filled with reports of Temu, an ecommerce app...

Is SHEIN’s success replicable? Off the Record: with Momentum Works and 01VC – Part...

How did SHEIN thrive in the competitive crossborder ecommerce space? Can the SHEIN playbook be replicated? Read the key takeaways from “Off the Record: Behind SHEIN’s Success”

[Event] Off the record: Behind SHEIN’s success

When SHEIN - a Chinese cross-border ecommerce app focused on fashion—overtook Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the US in May 2021,...

Why is SHEIN successful?

There has been so much interest around SHEIN lately, especially with media reports stating that SHEIN might be going public. Back in 2017/2018, a...

Who is SHEIN?

Brazil government suppressing Shopee

Is Brazil going to suppress Shopee, AliExpress and SheIn?

This article was originally published in Chinese on Momentum Works’ WeChat platform, and translated into English by the Momentum Works team. On March 23, the Brazilian business...
Shein Indonesia - Cover image

Why did SheIn exit Indonesia?

No, it’s not because of Zalora.

Following SheIn, Shopee expands Latin America presence by entering Colombia and Chile

This article was originally published in Chinese on Momentum Works’s WeChat platform. Translated into English by Joyce Zhao In our Bloombing Ecommerce in Indonesia Report...

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