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Facebook pulling a WeChat?

How(and why) Facebook is gradually adding new features in order to protect their position.

Why Alibaba is investing in AI for pigs

And Alibaba is not the first major tech company in China to disrupt pig farming

Where did RedMart go wrong, and why did Lazada buy it?

When RedMart launched in Singapore in 2011 – the idea was not really loved by investors, and the founders had to meet hundred of individuals to put together enough money to kick start. Fast forward a number of years, RedMart… Continue Reading →

Carousell is Dead, Long Live Facebook?

Now that Facebook Marketplace is in Singapore, where does that leave Carousell?

[MW Special Report] E-commerce Logistics in Vietnam

As e-commerce in Vietnam grows, last mile delivery has plenty of opportunity to grow with it. But underdeveloped transport infrastructure has so far created a last-mile logistics sector that is more dependent on labour than on anything else. Players that… Continue Reading →

This will make you look at Indonesia differently

Indonesia has more than 17000 islands, however most foreign tech investors and entrepreneurs rarely go beyond Jakarta. There are blue oceans in the provinces.

RedMart, Fastacash & Elevenia all failed in 2017 – so what’s in store for 2018?

As a few promising startups failed to live up to their expectation in 2017, we look at what 2018 has to offer.

[MW Special Report] E-commerce in Vietnam

With a young, tech-savvy population with high consumption demand, B2C and C2C e-commerce in Vietnam has plenty of potential to grow. However, customer perception of domestic retailers and goods, players’ own incapability, restrictive infrastructure and the lack of a clear… Continue Reading →

[MW Special Report] E-Commerce Overview in Indonesia

With a fast growing economy and uprising household incomes, the e-commerce market may not be saturated for several years. The main focus should be on building trust with consumers, including sufficient choices of products, quality of products, quick delivery, user friendly user interface (UI) and secure payment methods.

Rise of niche ecommerce in SEA, probably to be captured by Facebook

How Facebook is quietly positioning themselves to capture some of the ecommerce marketplace in Southeast Asia.

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