Sunday, December 3, 2023

Momentum Works – CICC discussion: Development of digital economies in Southeast...

Momentum Works and CICC hosted a joint panel discussion titled “Post-pandemic Economic Restart and Restructuring” on 15 June 2022. Jianggan Li, CEO of Momentum...
food review platforms

Why are there no good food review platforms in SG?

One common question we get from Chinese friends arriving in Singapore is “Why aren’t there any good food review platforms like Dianping here?” Singapore boasts...

Bali on a motorcycle: Grab vs Gojek

Thanks to borders reopening, a few of us at Momentum Works went to work in Bali for a week. Though Bali is not a...

Our thoughts on Grab’s & Sea Group’s 2022 Q1 performance

Narrowing losses, growing Southeast Asia

[Pictures] Grab & Foodpanda competition in a Malaysian town

Across the border from Singapore
what's going on at Grab

Quick Recap: Momentum Academy’s Off the Record: What’s up with Grab?

Momentum Academy’s second public event, Off the Record: What’s up with Grab? happened earlier this month and more than 400 people attended this virtual...
Grab super app

Super apps are here to stay

What is really a super app?
Grab strategy

Off the Record – What’s up with Grab? – Questions Answered

Momentum Academy's Off the Record: What's up with Grab? was a big success last Friday with close to 400 registrations. We discussed Grab’s strategy, why...

The Southeast Asian infatuation over super apps

You must have heard the word “super app” by now. Whether you love it or hate it, I always feel this word is overused,...
Lazada IPO

LLB Master Debater’s Corner: Andrew’s No-Job-Job update, Insider Take on Lazada...

Low Level Barbarians (LLB), co-hosted by Alex Le, Dave Chang, Jianggan Li and Andrew Gananantham, is a show that covers discussion and debate around trending topics from Asia...

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