Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Four reasons to look out for blockchain start-ups from Singapore

With the value of Bitcoin fluctuating wildly in the past few months, the attention surrounding cryptocurrency – and blockchain technology in general – is...

Sneakers are the new bitcoins in China?

The craze is buoyed by the crypto trading infrastructure and talent looking for the next big thing

Blockchain for food safety, will it work?

Is blockchain and its associated ICOs just a fad? Many have made claims that blockchain will revolutionise things and make the world a better...

Final verdict: how many 2018 SEA predictions did we get right?

GoPay, bitcoins and corporate innovation are the biggest disappointments.

KrisPay: just another wallet from … an airline?

It seems like every company these days wants to set up their own payment platform. Users in Singapore are probably used to a variety...

Cryptocurrencies, ICO and VCs- how to react?

Recently I came across an article by Jeff Lin, Principal of iGlobe Partners, on Wechat and was blown away by his the depth of...

[TLD Weekend] Kim Jong Un is interested in your crypto?

Are you Chinese chives in the wild new age of great discoveries?

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