Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Consumers are tired of ecommerce promotions?

Where have the consumer traffic for major shopping festivals gone to? ecommerce promotion festivals in China have been key events for the online retailers’ traffic...

You don’t need a mobile app for your business, do you?

The world has gone mobile. People spend more and more time on their mobile phones.

Superteams for marketing – how to create your own?

We've always been asked by investors and entrepreneurs - if we knew any good marketers for them to hire. More often than not, we...

[TLD Weekend] What if WPP was broken up?

WPP has grown into a behemoth through a string of aggressive acquisitions - most notably Ogilvy & Mather, Grey, TNS and GroupM. Interestingly, WPP also has stakes in the fledgling media powerhouse “VICE”.

Many digital marketing agencies out there – what should I do?

Startups are typically fast-movers, with very demanding timelines. For example, a campaign idea may surface today, only to be launched the next day.

[TLD Weekend] Why white is the dominant colour for cars in...

47% of the cars sold are white color in the region, for a myriad of reasons

Twitter is a news company, not a social company

Twitter now is famous for real-time news feeds and events and unlike Facebook, it is preferred less when it comes to keeping in touch with friends.

Access versus privacy – is it even a choice?

The scandal involving Facebook supplying data to Cambridge Analytica indeed raised a lot of questions on the price that consumers pay for a “free” service.

[MW Weekend] All things big and small

Brilliantly written brief on the state of ecommerce in India

How to keep the team lean and motivated when funding takes...

Shayak Mazumder, CEO of Eunimart, shares his personal experience. Eunimart is a cross-border ecommerce company that is specifically catered to sellers in India.

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