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The economics of bike sharing

Many people still want to discuss China’s “sharing economy” with us: shared bikes, power banks, basketballs, or umbrellas. It seems everyone has an opinion on whether it would work or not, and why. Nonetheless, it strikes us that many have… Continue Reading →

Rein in the dynamics between disruption and regulation

In this age where new things keep coming out, it seems that regulators are always a step too fast or a step too slow. The disagreements between regulators in different countries over ride-hailing apps such as Uber are still manifesting… Continue Reading →

Why Chinese bike sharing companies are suddenly everywhere overseas

Just a few months ago, you would hear Chinese bike sharing companies making announcements here and there, but not see actual bikes being deployed. Back then, all these public shows seemed to serve only one purpose – to tell the… Continue Reading →

Comfort DelGro squarely failed to respond to disruption

We argued recently that Comfort DelGro, Singapore’s biggest cab operator, was making a gross strategic mistake by seeking to partner with Uber ( We believed that Comfort stock price should be going down, rather than up, following the news. The… Continue Reading →

“But, we signed an NDA”

A team from a developed country came to us the other day, with a business plan to build smart shared bicycles, similar to the ones flooding China: As this bike solution is for a market with a much higher GDP… Continue Reading →

Comfort DelGro’s potential tie-up with Uber is not enough to revive its fortunes

Comfort DelGro, Singapore’s largest taxi operator with a fleet of 16000 cars, announced on Tuesday that it is in talks with Uber about a tie-up making its fleet available on the Uber Platform. Uber’s rival in Southeast Asia Grab has… Continue Reading →

Softbank: the final winner of SEA ride-hailing war?

US$2 billion  investment to Uber’s largest rival in SEA is the latest move by Softbank in the great war of ride-hailing. How far can Uber go on autopilot?   Rumors never come from nowhere. After months of speculation, Didi Chuxing,… Continue Reading →

Didi is far from winning the war in China

Barely two months ago, Didi announced the acquisition of Uber China, in a move that many regarded as ending the ride hailing war in China. A few days into the deal, all signs were pointing to this direction: subsidies started… Continue Reading →

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