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Indonesian Ecommerce

Indonesian Ecommerce

Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary 
    • Momentum Work View’s on Ecommerce landscape
  2. Overview of Indonesia 
    • Opportunities and risks for Ecommerce players
    • Current population and geography aspect
    • Current economy & cultural aspect 
  3. Overview of Indonesian Ecommerce 
    • Market growth & distribution of sales 
    • Indonesia Ecommerce development 2009-2019
  4. Ecommerce Landscape
    • Ecommerce ecosystem and competition
    • Unconventional players & cross border ecommerce 
    • B2C market landscape 
    • B2B market landscape 
  5. Infrastructure 
    • Logistic: supply chain, gateway development, 3PL players 
    • Payment options & preference 
    • Regulatory environment: negative investment list & import regulation
    • Ecommerce enablers & relevant social media platform
  6. Investments
    • Exhibit: VC funding in Indonesia Ecommerce
    • VCs funding option
  7. Risks 
    • Major risks: Political and regulatory
    • Exhibit: Getting product into Indonesia 
    • Major risks: Operational  
    • Major risks: Currency 
  8. MW Insights
  9. Glossary 




  • Ecommerce in Indonesia is still in its early stages, representing less than 2% of total retail
  • Despite entry of giants through proxies, the marketshare landscape is far from settled
  • Supporting infrastructure has been fast improving since 2016, accelerating overall ecommerce development
  • Untapped opportunities in cross border as well as the ecommerce ecosystem
  • Political and currency related risks are the main issues players and investors need to pay close attention to

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  • What is the current volume of cross border into Indonesia and why it is far from saturation?
  • What are the regulations and infrastructure developments cross border players need to bear in mind?
  • Who are the clearance agents leading ecommerce players use, and what is the customs clearance process?

  • What exact challenge does Indonesia’s archipelagic geography present to ecommerce logistics?
  • What are the key strengths and weaknesses of major 3PLs?
  • What is the reasonable cost to send parcels into different parts of the country?

  • When did the major funding events happen, and how has the round sizes evolved?
  • Who are the major investors active in investing in ecommerce in Indonesia?
  • Which camps and alliances do the major players and investors form?
Indonesia Ecommerce