Last week, ComfortDelgro revamped their app. I tried using it today. Let me dissect my journey for you:

1 .  New Logo

ComfortDelgro must have spent millions to change their logo. However, there was no announcement anywhere – and I tried looking for the iconic app on my phone but couldn’t find it easily…

Turned out that they changed the logo from:

Original app logo

To this…

New app logo

Doesn’t it look familiar?

Uber app logo
  1. Logging in with my phone number  

I was prompted to key in my mobile number (without being told as to why), and was given an OTP code.

I clicked “back” by accident, and when I tried to retrieve my OTP again, I saw this message:
The title shouts “Error!” like it was some sort of programming fault, just that I’m the source of the problem in this case. Not the kind of words you would use for customers in the real world.

  1. Logging in with Google

I failed to log in with my phone number (and I am late for my meeting), so I tried to log in with google account – simple right?

Right after logging in with my google details, they asked. For. My. Email. Address. Again. (For those who don’t get it, google accounts should be linked to your gmail address).

  1. Finally logged in – Now let’s book a cab.

Comfort has a new interface. Now, tell me where’s the “Book Now” button in 3 seconds.

The fare box is LARGER and has the same colour as the “Book Now” tab. This is not very user friendly from an UI/UX point of view as my eyes had to dance around till I could do what I actually came for – Book a cab.

So if you had any grievance with the previous interface, you’d love it now. Take one last look before your app gets upgraded:

ComfortDelgro’s previous app interface
  1. I’ve booked the cab – Is the agony over yet?

No. As I wait for my driver, Comfort decides it is a great idea to entertain me with various illustrated landmarks of Singapore. Not really putting themselves in the shoes of the customers.

When people are waiting for their cab order, they are NOT in the mood to view landmarks, and even if they were, the landmarks need to be more aesthetically pleasing..

Like this…

  1. Final word

I didn’t managed to get a cab from Comfort today. I gave up and took a Grab.

In the new app introduction, Comfort said:

Introduction of the new app on App store

But it seems that Comfort is very detached from reality. Why change something that works, and why do that just before a key competitor enters the market?

And it appears that I am not the only one that noticed the new app’s substandard quality…

Review on App store

In my view, the new app is a disaster, and I hope that Comfort will take in the feedback from its loyal users before it’s too late. 

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