Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Didi’s tough time

It will probably sail through, though at some cost (of its valuation)

Lessons from the DiDi Crisis

Principles from Deming’s book are still relevant and probably the only cure for DiDi crisis.

[TLD Weekend] Meituan vs. Didi: China’s ride-hailing war II

It is said that Go-Jek is coming to Singapore and other SEA cities. Will the same war happen between Grab and Go-Jek?

Softbank pushing Didi & Uber to merge?

Meituan's CEO made this claim through a tweet, while his company is assaulting Didi in major cities in China.

Didi attacks Uber’s two biggest cities globally

Last week’s announcement that Didi has agreed to take of control of 99 - Brazil’s homegrown ride hailing platform - confirmed the rumours that...

A US$30b company is challenging Didi in China

Didi is valued at US$56 billion with daily order of 25 million; while Meituan is valued at US$30 billion with daily order of 22 million.

Didi is far from winning the war in China

Barely two months ago, Didi announced the acquisition of Uber China, in a move that many regarded as ending the ride hailing war in...

The real story behind the Didi-Uber merger in China

When news broke out that Didi is merging with Uber in China, many believe this is another case study of an ambitious foreign internet...
Unicorns in Southeast Asia

How many unicorns are there in Southeast Asia?

Counting the number of unicorns in Southeast Asia is no easy task, because there are many different standards in the market (or you can...

SF Express enters food delivery?

Challenging Meituan?

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