Thursday, April 15, 2021

When BAT becomes ATM

Just when you think the game is over, the market always surprises you. 

The Chinese company behind all these Tinder competitors

Based out of Sichuan, serving millions in the West.

Chinese VCs find it hard to invest in Indonesia?

Fewer Chinese founders, expensive deals and unfamiliar sectors - these problems will disappear once you know the market more

China’s Quora lands US$434m investment from… Baidu & Kuai?!

Maybe it is an alliance being formed to arrest the momentum of Bytedance?

China smartphone user number starts to decline

Competition will be even fiercer

“What’s your problem?”

Robin Li, founder of Baidu, is soaked with water

US$300m market value wiped out by the black hole?

While the first image of a black hole has generated so much sensation about scientific discovery in the world, it sparked a big storm...

Microsoft Bing blocked in China? Everyone has missed this

What does Baidu have to do with this?

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