Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dramatic falls of China’s used car platforms & lessons for SEA

No one seems to be able to pin point the value created by these platforms that justifies their valuation

OYO should shut down its China business

And the rest of the world

Chinese cities recovering from coronavirus fight for workers

Coastal cities in the Southeast are much more aggressive - a demonstration of priorities and governance levels.

Coronavirus: a DDoS attack on the healthcare system

Not as many options to defend

Chinese internet users spent 6 billion hours online in one day…

Short videos are seeing the biggest growth

Who wrote mysterious report claiming Luckin Coffee is fraud?

We are never short of conspiracy theories

A coronavirus press conference that went disastrous

And the myth about the number of masks

Bytedance takes over a film for 630m

Changing the landscape of entertainment

WeChat 2019 in numbers

An interesting way to get a glimpse of Chinese internet user behaviour

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