Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Impossible trinity of B2B startups

Volume, Turnover and Margin

Has social media hit peak innovation?

A few days ago, we wrote about Facebook going from Social to E-commerce with its MarketPlace. Eager to explore other ways to monetize or grow...
Best Creative Outdoor Ads

Outdoor ads, why and why not?

Opinion:  It is a less aggressive marketing method than you thought Nowadays, selection for the best advertising channels starts to become a dilemma for advertisers....

Advertising on Facebook and Google is like breathing, isn’t it?

Any other options than turning into a “street vendor”?

Why “Getting rid of the middlemen” startups often fail

Disintermediation has always been a common startup idea, but what exactly are you trying to replace?

Signs that the experienced executive you just hired is not a...

Over the years, we have hired a lot of them. Many of them turned out to be brilliant (some of them are still working with us at Momentum Works now), but more did not last.

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