Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The art of procrastination

This article is inspired by my journey to deliver multiple project deadlines last month in the face of procrastination that led to me burning...

Didi is a formidable company, just unfortunate to be born in...

Strong competition all around, preventing it from expanding beyond mobility

What can we learn from the demise of SMRT’s Zipster?

Listen to customers, not consultants
Pandemic logistics - Cover image

What does the pandemic and logistics have in common?

This commentary first appeared on Republished here with permission. You can access the other commentaries from the author on the same website as...

The mystery in Chinese idol show saga: who poured the milk

The mystery in Chinese idol show saga: who poured the milk  Not the fans In May, a big outcry swept China’s social media when a video...

Lazada president is leaving, three months after denying she was leaving

Who will take care of LazMall? And, why LazMall in the first place?

Total rebranding to TotalEnergies is a very good step

It is not only about environmental impact, but also the sustainability of the company.

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