Friday, November 27, 2020

Analysis: the flyering campaigns in China which achieved 23% conversion, consistently

My colleague’s post on “how to increase your flyer conversion by 2000%” briefly mentioned a case in China a few years ago, where Dianping...

The root cause of Amazon’s failure in China

Too logical, and not curious enough

Hot virtual social tool Remo looks very, very familiar

To a mahjong game by Tencent launched in 2004

How to increase your flyer conversion by 2000%

Some practical tips for a seemingly straightforward activity

Fundamental problem with failed dating, online or not

How to solve a supply-demand mismatch, and learn about compromises

TikTok Oracle deal seems to be a masterstroke

After a short few weeks of (probably frantic) deal making, TikTok seems to be finally avoiding the fate of a Trump ban. The "technology partnership"...

Chinese government blocking TikTok sale for ByteDance?

We do not know the real motive

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