Monday, October 25, 2021

JD boss again shows political savy which Jack Ma lacked

JD has been written off many times by commentators. It is far behind Alibaba in Market Capitalisation, and even Pinduoduo has overtaken it. However, as...

Who are the leading ecommerce logistics players in Indonesia?

Riding on the growth of ecommerce in Indonesia, where GMV has ballooned to US$40.1 billion after registering 91% growth in 2020, logistics players such...
Pandemic logistics - Cover image

What does the pandemic and logistics have in common?

This commentary first appeared on Republished here with permission. You can access the other commentaries from the author on the same website as...
Flash Group - Delivery Vehicle

5 things you should know about Thailand’s first unicorn

Another J&T in the making? An interesting question that some friends have raised is: will Flash be another J&T in the making? There are several things in common: founders who are Chinese or with strong Chinese links; employing S&F and other experienced operatives; fast, aggressive and good timing. Flash Group probably has ambitions beyond just Express, seen from its name. With so much investment into cross-border and Thai ecommerce (especially by Chinese investors), there is more to do in logistics.

Why is Lalamove far ahead of Gogovan?

Both are Hong kong are unicorn startups that focus on B2B delivery. While Gogovan (GOGOX) was founded in the summer of 2013, Lalamove went...

The difficult super app dream of Rappi

Use Google translate to read ;) 

How would the Saudi government rank the ecommerce logistics?

This article was written by Khaled Salama and contributed to Momentum Works According to the results of the second quarter of 2020; CITC classifies postal...

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