Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Your Questions Answered – Off the Record: Behind Shopee’s Doors –...

Momentum Academy’s first-ever exclusive briefing Off the Record: Behind Shopee’s Doors was a huge success. We had more than 400 registrations at the event,...

Shopee launches on-demand parcel delivery in Indonesia?

This article was originally published in Chinese on Momentum Works’ WeChat platform, and translated into English by the Momentum Works team. Recently, our friends in Jakarta,...

Deciphering Social Commerce #1 – What works in rural areas?

What are the factors that make a social e-commerce app work?

Southeast Asia Tech Investment in Global Context – Latin America edition

Why should we benchmark Southeast Asia and Latin America? What is the future for the region and what does it mean for investors?

Chinese regulators told ecommerce logistics players to stop excessive competition

And actively explore global expansion.

Will J&T become the UPS or FedEx of the ecommerce age?

Momentum Works publishes new report “Who is J&T”

A complete list of how merchants can work with Meituan

A list of business areas too

Our thoughts on J&T acquisition of Best’s China Express business

A bigger whale in the purple ocean

China‘s power cuts triggered shipping price collapse?

People are predicting supply chain shifts again

Wheels of change turning on relationship between delivery workers and platforms

A reckoning is coming for delivery platforms that could shift the labour-enterprise balance.

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