Wednesday, October 16, 2019

GoJek loses its 2nd Vietnam CEO in 5 months – what...

It was (and still is) an impossible job

Why P2P is doomed in China?

It is so easy to get into a vicious cycle

Interacting with Chinese entrepreneurs joining AWS Bootcamp in Jakarta

They are more prepared than many others I have met before.

Many profitable startup models do not need the VC, for now

Who made the most money during the P2P craze in Indonesia, for example?

How to tackle the growing pains of startups? Here is my...

The path is to narrow everyone on the objectives

A deep dive into Touch N’ Go eWallet in Malaysia –...

What are the real inhibitors that need to be overcome for mass adoption

Chinese VCs find it hard to invest in Indonesia?

Fewer Chinese founders, expensive deals and unfamiliar sectors - these problems will disappear once you know the market more

Sneakers are the new bitcoins in China?

The craze is buoyed by the crypto trading infrastructure and talent looking for the next big thing

Grab’s 2nd headquarter in Indonesia – What are the implications?

On food, talent and the digital economy in general

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