Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Is there any e-commerce opportunity in Cambodia?

This article was originally written and published in Chinese. The vast world calls for “unexplored waters”. Momentum Works’ friends are showcasing a series revolving around...

Xiaohongshu banned in China?

There are some bigger issues out there.

Should Thailand legalise ride-hailing?

Thailand is the last major country in Southeast Asia where ride-hailing remains illegal, and that might change very soon. The optimism amongst the ride-hailing players...

Mobile payment in Indonesia – consolidation next?

Four to three, or four to two

Xiaomi – now a Fortune 500 company

It has come a long way, and still a long journey ahead.

Half year review: How are our 2019 India predictions doing?

Marching in the fog towards the glorious goal of monetisation

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