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Jialei Zhao

Angry CEO & his Ezbuy

“We can’t decide whether the big players are bullying us, but we can do our best to improve ourselves in order not to be bullied” On Friday, He Jian, Founder & CEO of Ezbuy, posted (on WeChat) an open letter… Continue Reading →

Why no English media reported THAT Blue incident

A few days ago, we published a blog post on how Bluegogo, the bike sharing company once valued at US$150m, went into free fall after a bizarre incident. Since then, we received a lot of enquiries from our readers. Many… Continue Reading →

GrabPay is not making full use of its advantages

So GrabPay appointed a new CTO, Vikas Agrawal, who was previously with Paytm. Agrawal is to be based in Bangalore, more than 3000 kilometres away from Grab’s headquarters in Singapore. This came less than a month after Grab (finally) filled… Continue Reading →

The gold rush in Indonesian payday loan market – Part 2

In the first part of this article, we took a look at the craze of Chinese mobile payday loan companies entering the Indonesian market. In the second installment, we are going to review the key challenges and risks they are… Continue Reading →

The gold rush in Indonesian payday loan market – Part 1

In a recent Fintech investor brief in Singapore, where more than 50 investors participated, almost nobody was aware of the huge gold rush that is happening right across the Java Sea in Indonesia – Chinese mobile payday loan companies are… Continue Reading →

MBar(Mini KTV) entering Singapore

Not long ago, M-Bar, a mini karaoke service wildly popular in China, made its inroads to Singapore. The concept of mini karaoke is simple – a small, soundproof, and air-conditioned booth fitting up to 2-3 people stationed in shopping malls… Continue Reading →

Trivia: Chinese internet companies dig animal names

If you’ve been closely following Chinese internet industry, you might notice a very interesting phenomenon: Many companies use animals or plants in their logos, or as their product or company names. Many argue that everything started with Tencent using a… Continue Reading →

Mobile payment in Southeast Asia – overview and trends – Part 2/3

Plausible and implausible use cases for payment adoption in Southeast Asia In Part 1, we discussed why we couldn’t exactly replicate Alipay and Wechat in Southeast Asia. Here in Part 2 of the series, we will explore use cases that… Continue Reading →

Mobile payment in Southeast Asia – overview and trends – Part 1/3

Can someone replicate the success of Wechat Pay or Alipay? Our Chinese entrepreneur friends believe that the low penetration of banking services in South East Asia presents a huge opportunity for mobile payment. On visits to the region, they ask… Continue Reading →

Shared bicycle manufacturers are dying, and this is not a bad thing

Barely a few months ago, the bosses of China’s bicycle supply chain were beaming with joy. Their factories were all running full capacity while new orders still kept coming up, thanks to the booming bicycle sharing industry. Dozens of bike… Continue Reading →

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