Saturday, December 10, 2022

Gojek sold its Thailand business to AirAsia – A good exit?

This article was originally published in Chinese on Momentum Works’s WeChat account. Translated into English by the Momentum Works team.  During the merger of Gojek...

What can we learn from the demise of SMRT’s Zipster?

Listen to customers, not consultants

What might be fishy behind these accusations against Tesla in China?

Always interesting to look at the background of the accusers

Why is Carvana share price surging after it missed sales estimates?

Focusing on cost reduction, standards and value adding at each part of the value chain
used car

Report: Used car platforms in Southeast Asia

What is the potential, and which business model is winning?

Why Mobility-as-a-Service doesn’t work in Southeast Asia

Infrastructure and market conditions are very different from (northern) Europe.

What did Meituan do to MoBike

The colour is the most ironic change

Should Thailand legalise ride-hailing?

Thailand is the last major country in Southeast Asia where ride-hailing remains illegal, and that might change very soon. The optimism amongst the ride-hailing players...

Tencent enters ride-hailing to challenge Didi?

A key debate since Didi's acquisition of Uber China has been: whether Didi has a strong enough moat to defend itself and justify its...

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