Tuesday, July 7, 2020

As $3b gets injected into SEA tech, GOJEK’s major backer exits

Southeast Asia seems to continue to attract large-scale funding, sometimes tilting the subtle balances between the major players.   Softbank ups its bet on Grab Firstly,...

With billions of dollars at stake, how are Grab and GOJEK...

Many investors have asked us about fraud in the startup landscape. In fact, most investors are aware that there are always guys who find...

After $109M series A, Grin + Yellow = Grow?

In late January this year, two of Latin America's largest bike and scooter sharing companies, Yellow and Grin, merged to form a new company...

[Spanish] Didi está luchando contra Uber, de nuevo

Didi ha declarado la guerra a los competidores globales: ¡Estamos aquí!

The reason why this bike sharing company resurrected

After the tanking incident

First-mover advantage or disadvantage: Uber and Lyft’s IPO Race.

Losses, lawsuits and Lyft’s upcoming IPO - there couldn’t be a more challenging timing for Uber to announce the possibility of going public. The valuation: an unexpected $120 billion - making Uber’s IPO the largest since the Alibaba Group in 2014. Uber’s and Lyft’s IPOs will set a benchmark within the ride-hailing industry in terms of pricing as well as the targeted stock markets.

Didi’s tough time

It will probably sail through, though at some cost (of its valuation)

Singapore avoids shared bike graveyards

Why the Singapore government is right to impose US$45 on each shared bike

Ofo will leave Singapore

It is the only logical option for the bike sharing company

How hard is it to beat Grab in Vietnam?

A horde of ride hailing players, domestic and foreign alike, are trying to chip away at Grab’s market share in Vietnam. But can they? Grab...

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