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Can Ant Financial afford to be complacent?

Both Ant Financial and Tencent have been jostling over the mobile payment space in China. It seems all the other players have been relegated...

Can Tencent match Ant Financial after $175 million investment in Philippine...

  The main product of Mynt is e-wallet GCash Voyager was founded in 2013, and owns e-wallet PayMaya, remittance service provider Smart Padala, lending platform Lendr,...

Chinese fintech lenders flock to the Philippines

We wrote towards the end of last year that Chinese consumer loan apps were flocking to Indonesia. In July, Indonesia’s financial services regulator OJK...

Is it too late to invest in payday loan in Indonesia?

Excerpt: not yet too late, but be careful of the rumours End of last year we wrote about Chinese payday loan companies entering Indonesia market....

Ant Financial is not only bigger than Goldman Sachs

Another company, which we wrote about a number of times, probably feels very bitter as well.

The making of a US$150 billion company

What we have previous written about Ant Financial

Translating the success of personal finance apps to SEA

Mint has achieved dominance in the North American markets. Can a similar model be replicated in SEA?

[TLD Weekend] Kim Jong Un is interested in your crypto?

Are you Chinese chives in the wild new age of great discoveries?

How to save your ass from the FinTech competition?

With people saying FinTech is disrupting banking, what does that actually mean? Who and how are tech/non-tech companies changing the landscape of financial services? Story from a banking veteran.

The lending business – a geek’s playground?

Debt collection used to be the last-mile of lending business taking place offline. Now, data technology is changing it.

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