Sunday, June 16, 2019

Halal is not about religion, but lifestyle

Partnering with HalalNode, Halal Lifestyle Indonesia aims to promote sustainable Halal lifestyle in food, apparel and fashion. As a part of HalalNode's community, Halal...

“I’m using Zoom, you should too”

The value of a good product

MIHAS 2019 Learnings & Insights

A growing Halal market The scale of MIHAS highlighted the growth of the global Halal industry. The growing and increasingly affluent Muslim population have made...

Why ecommerce into Indonesia always clears customs in Jakarta

Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International airport is the preferred entry port for ecommerce. Why? In the scenario where majority of the parcels bound for Indonesia are for...

Things you should know about GMV

For those unaware, GMV refers to gross merchandise value and it is typically used by e-commerce companies for valuation. The calculation for GMV is...

Why tech firms are moving to Singapore

Sharing from a Singapore-based venture capitalist

Why escooter startups will not survive in Southeast Asia

Why escooter startups will not survive in Southeast Asia Barely a few months ago, escooters were the talk in town. Buoyed by the rapid...

Is Luckin a legit challenger of Starbucks in China?

Maybe it is more than that

Good corporate vs bad corporate

Ever heard someone comment "You're too corporate" or "This place is too corporate". Do you consider yourself to be in one of these places? What...

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