Friday, August 23, 2019

MAS Managing Director Mr Ravi on Finance, Technology and Trust

Sharing by Mr Ravi Menon, Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, at the Banque de France Lecture, titled "Can the three musketeers...

How important is experience when hiring?

When it comes to hiring, many job postings will specify a certain number of years of experience as a requirement. But is it really...

Why Instagram is more popular than Facebook in Indonesia?

Among the young people - that is to say.

Why was the Night King so vulnerable

A nerdy interpretation

Why did Didi publish its unit economics

To its users, not to its investors

Blockchain for food safety, will it work?

Is blockchain and its associated ICOs just a fad? Many have made claims that blockchain will revolutionise things and make the world a better...

Halal is not about religion, but lifestyle

Partnering with HalalNode, Halal Lifestyle Indonesia aims to promote sustainable Halal lifestyle in food, apparel and fashion. As a part of HalalNode's community, Halal...

“I’m using Zoom, you should too”

The value of a good product

MIHAS 2019 Learnings & Insights

A growing Halal market The scale of MIHAS highlighted the growth of the global Halal industry. The growing and increasingly affluent Muslim population have made...

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