Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Why WeWork drew much more criticism than Uber

It has become a feast

Food Delivery Market in Indonesia: Shifting Dynamics

GrabFood is catching up from nowhere, fast

Data companies in China feeling the heat

To be competitive, they are almost compelled to do something illegal

Why JVs between Chinese & Southeast Asian tech firms often fail

You probably have seen a few instances of Joint Ventures being announced between a big Chinese tech firm and a strong local partner in...

Six questions before you build an O2O platform

What to build, and what not to

Seven major pitfalls of startup founders – Part 2

Sharing by the creator of many successful games

Seven major pitfalls of startup founders – Part 1

By the creator of "Clash of Kings"

Chinese tech entrepreneurs should go to Africa?

A powerful figure went all-in Africa.

Why P2P is doomed in China?

It is so easy to get into a vicious cycle

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