Thursday, October 21, 2021

Our comments on SPH spinning off the media business

Good decision - more can be done to revive the media business.

Repost: What is the real value of Forbes 30 under 30?

What a media company does ...

Reflection from Genki Forest founder: Choices that determine our path to...

  Chinese beverage firm, Genki Forest (元气森林 Yuanqi Senlin ) was founded in 2016. This year, it has become one of the top beverage brand...

What’s behind Grab’s reported SPAC listing

This article first appeared on CNA. Republished here with permission. You can access the other commentaries from Jianggan Li on CNA as well.  SINGAPORE: On Apr...

US$2.8 billion fine is really not significant for Alibaba, what happens...

Are Alibaba's troubles over? Will it spill over?

OMFIF: Big Tech looks to opportunities in Asia

Financial regulators should watch what is happening in China

I buy Tesla stocks, not because Musk is a visionary

Execution, grit, and perseverance

Meituan starts losing money again, so what?

Patience and conviction

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