Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Halal Lifestyle Indonesia – Opportunities for the biggest Muslim country in...

Indonesia boasts the biggest Muslim population in the world, with 87% of its 267 mil people are adherents of Islam. The importance of halalness for...

Didi to enter Peru & Chile, as we predicted

Small but good markets

Microsoft Bing blocked in China? Everyone has missed this

What does Baidu have to do with this?

Pinduoduo lost US$3 billion over night to scam?

"Wool party" scored another win?

Ofo dismisses its international department

The bike sharing company tries very, very hard to survive.

Ofo’s best tactic to profitability?

A creative and yet widely practised way to sell ads

The rumours around Founder’s arrest

How WeChat users are responding to, or even anticipating, the event; and is Tencent implicated?

Baidu exits Brazil?

Another failed global attempt by a Chinese internet giant?

Was Lu Qi purged from Baidu? We find this theory interesting

The only cause of Lu Qi’s departure, if the theory is to be believed, was he is too successful and liked at the same time.

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