Saturday, September 18, 2021

How to explain how tech companies do marketing to my traditional...

How to reconcile the mindsets?

What happened to Lazada’s mascot?

Embracing change

Ant Group CEO Simon Hu just resigned, and the date is...

Leaving the hot seat on Arbor Day

Softbank and the goose laying golden eggs

Turbocharging the (golden) egg laying

160 billion Chinese money flowing into Hong Kong stock market since...

Tech, and especially SaaS, stocks are the big beneficiaries. But what is behind this massive drive?

Murder of ex-Tencent exec in Cambodia reveals about the dark side...

Illegal business models moved to places where regulations are lax

No, Tencent founder is not in Singapore

not all the rumours are credible. 

Why JD had to apologise for a TikTok lending ad?

Quest for conversion and numbers

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