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Amresh Anbalagan

Uber is right to shrug off the ‘taxi company’ ruling

We always believed that with the present business model, Uber is essentially a big taxi business with a better customer experience rather than anything else. And we are happy that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) agreed with us, through… Continue Reading →

Chatbots and AI- Part 1: not married yet, but soon

More and more, we see chatbots being rolled out by banks, airlines, ecommerce platforms… anyone who has contact with customers. And more and more, we are not sure when we are talking to a real human being, or an ‘intelligent’… Continue Reading →

Real implications of China’s ICO ban?

Ether’s price dropped sharply today, immediately after the Chinese Central Government announced they were banning Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs). The drop wiped out millions of dollars from Ethereum market cap: If you are not familiar with ICOs or Ether, you might… Continue Reading →

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