Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mapping Southeast Asian unicorns into Chinese counterparts

With improving infrastructure, customer base, talent base, and funding, many business models have started to emerge from the last decade in Southeast Asia. This...

[Bahasa] Ada berapa banyak unicorn di Asia Tenggara?

Faktanya, menghitung jumlah unicorn di Asia Tenggara bukan suatu hal yang gampang karena ada banyak standar penilaian yang dapat dilakukan. Secara umum, Grab, GoJek,...
Unicorns in Southeast Asia

How many unicorns are there in Southeast Asia?

Counting the number of unicorns in Southeast Asia is no easy task, because there are many different standards in the market (or you can...

What is this Zilingo?

PC1 Negative

With COVID-19, disruptors are being disrupted, what’s next? – Join us...

Don’t miss out on fireside chats and newest updates on Investment in Southeast Asia with investment veterans and stakeholders. We had written about the impact...

Who are the new investors of GoJek?

And who are the biggest shareholders

Grab gets another US$727 million investment

From MUFG, the largest financial group in Japan

What is digital transformation?

And how to tackle it properly

The growth story of the biggest unicorn in Southeast Asia

Grab's ambitions and those of Softbank

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