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“but they did not reply to my email!”

A culture of excuses is extremely toxic and should not be tolerated in tech companies

[MW Weekend] Here’s why you need to listen to the unspoken words

Sensitivity to cultural events is now a common practice for corporations, especially for those who deal with the general public.

ezbuy – lessons of how not to be held hostage by technology

Once the biggest e-commerce company in Singapore, ezbuy has been on a downward spiral since Singles Day 2016, where it saw what was believed to be tens of thousands of orders not delivered to customers. The main reason orders did… Continue Reading →

“But it does not have any F***ing use”

One very sophisticated presentation was unfolding at a demo day that I attended in Beijing recently. The founder was so confident about his customer acquisition strategy that he spent almost 80% of his allocated time explaining it (in a very… Continue Reading →

The failure that defined Alipay’s success

In case you have been living under a rock (or a pile of paperwork) these last few years, here’s an introduction of Alipay (支付宝) and related Alibaba services , courtesy of the Alibaba Group. We caught up with few fintech… Continue Reading →

Eating out experience in the land of Alipay

So how have the people in the land of Alipay evolved in this aspect? While in Hangzhou for a few business meetings, we ate out at a famously local restaurant – where you have to queue for at least 45… Continue Reading →

MBar(Mini KTV) entering Singapore

Not long ago, M-Bar, a mini karaoke service wildly popular in China, made its inroads to Singapore. The concept of mini karaoke is simple – a small, soundproof, and air-conditioned booth fitting up to 2-3 people stationed in shopping malls… Continue Reading →

BYD owns the future of electric cars in China?

I was visiting a large taxi fleet operator in Southern China as part of a consulting project Momentum Works did for the municipal transportation authorities. The General Manager showed me their gigantic charging station for electric cars – as part… Continue Reading →

Making insurance cool again!

There were a few times when i went to a gathering introduced myself as from the insurance industry, people would give me a sympathetic look “I am sorry to hear that”. Insurance, especially life insurance, in this region has been… Continue Reading →

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