Saturday, July 13, 2024

Tik Tok Early Product Strategy Breakdown (Part 2)

Early lessons from Alex Zhu

Tik Tok Early Product Strategy Breakdown (Part 1)

Early lessons from Alex Zhu

The anatomy of a buzzword: Gamification

Somewhere around the late 2000s, the word “Gamification” began popping up. It slowly began gaining traction, before peaking in 2014 on Google searches. Since its...

How to increase your flyer conversion by 2000%

Some practical tips for a seemingly straightforward activity

Will MVNOs deliver on the disruption they promise?

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) have been a talking point in Asian markets for a while now and Sequoia’s recent series C investment into...

What is Warren Buffett doing in Barcelona?

If you are planning your holidays, don’t go to Barcelona at the end of February. It is close to hell - all the hotels...

Halal B2B ecommerce: an uncontested blue ocean

As a consumer of halal goods, a constant observation is that it is often challenging to find products that meet my expectation while travelling...

Aibiying: A globally local Airbnb?

People hated Airbnb's Chinese name when it was adopted Many Western companies have found China to be a difficult market to crack, and home-sharing giant...

KrisPay: just another wallet from … an airline?

It seems like every company these days wants to set up their own payment platform. Users in Singapore are probably used to a variety...

Did Apple play smart this time around?

Another year, another Apple Launch event, and another series of absurd naming convention (I thought they would drop the roman numeral after their 10...

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