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Why Jack Ma is missing from the dinner of Chinese internet billionaires

There is a photo circulating on the internet about some of the most prominent names of Chinese mobile internet industry gathering at the same dinner table. Many of you asked us three questions: Is this photo real? Who exactly are… Continue Reading →

Global internet giants – Only American, Chinese, and maybe Indian – Part 1

In a recent chat with a leading figure in one of the global internet giants, he threw me this thought: “To be a global player, you need to win either US or China,” he said. “And maybe India, but we… Continue Reading →

Greatest motivation for entrepreneurs

“I am just trying to think about the future and not be sad.” A few months ago, a veteran in Singapore’s tech scene threw me this question: “How do we empower our entrepreneurs to dream big, to solve humanity’s real… Continue Reading →

Why fintech companies in China avoid SMEs

While all the governments are encouraging P2P to be primarily helping SMEs with credit for growth, the founder of one of China’s largest fintech platforms, has a different perspective. “I do not do SMEs at all,” he told us at… Continue Reading →

Trivia: Chinese internet companies dig animal names

If you’ve been closely following Chinese internet industry, you might notice a very interesting phenomenon: Many companies use animals or plants in their logos, or as their product or company names. Many argue that everything started with Tencent using a… Continue Reading →

Innovation – you never arrive

The other day, someone told me while it was easier to start a business in this day and age, it is hard to do a good business due to depressed profits, and intense competition. My response was straight to point,… Continue Reading →

What do entrepreneurs really need

Technical skills are not useless – but they are not the dealbreaker. Money, doors, and psychology are. Last year, at a seminar in Singapore, a girl in the audience asked the panel, “I want to do a startup. I have… Continue Reading →

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