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Corporate innovation

Angry CEO & his Ezbuy

“We can’t decide whether the big players are bullying us, but we can do our best to improve ourselves in order not to be bullied” On Friday, He Jian, Founder & CEO of Ezbuy, posted (on WeChat) an open letter… Continue Reading →

Why founders increasingly hate the word ‘startup’

Only two years ago, startup was the ‘in’ thing and friends who were launching their ventures were proudly declaring they were a ‘startup’. The mood seems to have changed dramatically since. What I often hear nowadays is: “what are you… Continue Reading →

Twitter’s problem is not 140 vs. 280, but failure to expand horizontally

Big news that Twitter is experimenting expanding size limit of each tweet from 140 characters to 280 characters. This is entirely missing the point Twitter’s problem is not whether users want to express ‘a bit more’ or not – but its… Continue Reading →

Incentives and cashback: what works and what doesn’t

Someone in Singapore sent us a copy of a promotional letter she had received: That is a lot of hassle to get (maximum) $30 cashback. You need to make a minimum of 8 qualifying contactless transactions (and it is not… Continue Reading →

Making insurance cool again!

There were a few times when i went to a gathering introduced myself as from the insurance industry, people would give me a sympathetic look “I am sorry to hear that”. Insurance, especially life insurance, in this region has been… Continue Reading →

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