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Cash out your startup – how to improve your odds?

Despite markets being flooded with investments, exits in Southeast Asia have been few and far between. If you are a startup funder or founder, you’re in for a treat.   It is a fact that each company has a limited… Continue Reading →

Invested by the big boys – you might not be as lucky as you think

Our recent encounters with a content platform based out of Jakarta, Indonesia has a tragic ring to it.

How to tell impostors and bullshitters from real startup/tech experts

As purveyors of tech stories that are not often covered, we have ourselves (internally) prepared a checklist of bullshit – to separate truth from fiction. This in its own we thought would be a very interesting discussion to write about…. Continue Reading →

Uber is right to shrug off the ‘taxi company’ ruling

We always believed that with the present business model, Uber is essentially a big taxi business with a better customer experience rather than anything else. And we are happy that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) agreed with us, through… Continue Reading →

Will Grab & Uber merge, with Softbank now a shareholder of both?

By now you always know what is happening: Uber’s board is allowing Softbank to become a shareholder. Probably a huge relief for early investors of Uber, many of whom are desperate to exit as their funds approach maturity. Of course… Continue Reading →

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