Monday, October 3, 2022
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Alibaba restructures for a full-out assault on Meituan

While all the attention is on the regulatory crackdown on big tech companies in China, Alibaba has quietly announced the restructuring of its operations....

Alibaba gains US$40 billion market cap after record $2.8 billion fine

Market thinks quite positively about the news

US$2.8 billion fine is really not significant for Alibaba, what happens...

Are Alibaba's troubles over? Will it spill over?

What happened to Lazada’s mascot?

Embracing change

Will live commerce survive Southeast Asia?

When scrolling through an ecommerce platform, a question popped up so what is ecommerce? Is it just a platform to sell online? Or is...

When is it worth it to overwork – from a gen...

Guidance to bosses how to make your gen-z employees overwork

Jack Ma is back!

Not a big deal, as we previously explained.

Is Alibaba’s antitrust crisis over?

Understand the context, pick up the official signals

China’s “Black Friday Carnival” is going global during the pandemic

On October 20th, Chinese netizens waited all night to start online shopping for the Double 11 shopping carnival warm-up events (abbreviated as double 11)....

How this fake Alibaba ponzi scammed thousands in Indonesia

Two years ago, we wrote about Alimama, Alibaba Group’s advertising platform which might be the biggest contributor to the group’s revenue. Alimama helps online...

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