Thursday, February 9, 2023

How I switched from working in a VC firm to being...

This article is written by Jennifer Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Wiz AI, a voice AI company in Southeast Asia. Before starting her own...

Is ByteDance really selling its secret sauce algorithm?

At a glance, this move seems like a revelation of its key secrets. ByteDance, the owner of the viral app TikTok, has released a...

I buy Tesla stocks, not because Musk is a visionary

Execution, grit, and perseverance

Chinese AI unicorns – those rushing for IPO are the problematic...

More than 15 IPOs halted in a matter of weeks

Lessons from a Chinese AI unicorn’s failed IPO

What should AI companies really do to scale?

How to tell whether you are talking to an AI bot...

Humans are better at context

Fintech companies that go “all in” AI are usually in trouble

If business is going well, why AI?

Why investors find it so hard to invest in AI startups?

Many have resorted to betting on hardware instead now

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