As ChatGPT is gaining popularity in China, competitors start to emerge. Readers of TheLowDown are probably familiar with the tendency of entrepreneurs in China to rush into hot business models. 

But of course, such tactics carry a lot of risks. We can see that in the fate of the so-called first ChatGPT competitor in China. 

ChatYuan developed by Hangzhou-based company YuanYu (元语智能) went online a couple of days ago. The app is billed as the first challenger to ChatGPT, beating the likes of Alibaba and Baidu in time to market. 


However, ChatYuan has not learned the nuances of expressing an opinion as well as ChatGPT has. This can be a particular problem in China. Take the example of the following: 

Not surprisingly, the app has been suspended because of “suspected violation of laws and regulations”. It is not hard to figure out why.

Coming back to the competitive advantages of ChatGPT versus competitors like Google’s Bard, clearly the ability to talk in an eloquent and politically correct way is not easy. Just look at the experience from ChatYuan. 


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