Friday, December 13, 2019

Wish all our Muslim friends a happy Eid

Make the global halal trade more trusted, and efficient

Our thoughts on Uber’s NYSE debut

Beyond the rhetorics

Souq is dead, long live Amazon (as we had predicted)

War drums right ahead of Ramadan

A sneak peak into ecommerce logistics in Saudi Arabia

Local ecommerce marketplaces in the Middle East don’t have as much variety as ecommerce players from other regions. Therefore, consumers are looking abroad to... and the end of an era

Amazon takes over

Emaar’s acquisition of Namshi & battle of three forces in Middle...

Emaar Malls has finally acquired the remaining 49% stake in Namshi, Middle East’s leading fashion ecommerce platform, almost two years after it obtained the...

2018 top 10 funded startups in the Middle East & North...

2018 was a great year for startups in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) as it continued to see a rise in investments....

Build a fabulous 2019 with Momentum Works

Let’s work together

Momentum Works’ predictions for 2019 – Middle East

A few days back we gazed into our crystal ball and shared with you our 2019 predictions for Southeast Asia. We now turn our...

New investment boom of property marketplaces?

Last year, a good friend of ours, who wanted to build a property marketplace (“à la Opendoor style”) in a country of 200+ M...

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