Sunday, September 26, 2021

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Momentum Works’ predictions for 2019 – Middle East

A few days back we gazed into our crystal ball and shared with you our 2019 predictions for Southeast Asia. We now turn our...

New investment boom of property marketplaces?

Last year, a good friend of ours, who wanted to build a property marketplace (“à la Opendoor style”) in a country of 200+ M...

Homegrown ecommerce in Middle East finally overtaken Chinese players?

Two words that strike excitement in every online retailer's mind- Black Friday. For religious and cultural reasons, Black Friday in the Middle East is...

Guess what building this is

Many famous people have been here

Can companies still accept investment from Saudi Arabia?

Saudi reporter event continues. The executives of "unicorns" who have received or seek to receive big investments from SoftBank's Vision Fund may now have...

Changing ecommerce in the Middle East: Mumzworld’s $20 million B-round Financing

Once dominated by one company Before 2016, the entire ecommerce industry in the Middle East was ... quiet, barely noticed by ecommerce giants like Alibaba.,...

Baidu’s lost decade in international markets

It is still not too late, if it recognises the issue preventing its success in international markets over the last 10 years.

How does Turkey’s crisis impact cross border tech investment

Which sectors will be hit the hardest, and what needs to be done?

Advertising on Facebook and Google is like breathing, isn’t it?

Any other options than turning into a “street vendor”?

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