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Jianggan Li

Momentum Works’ predictions beyond Southeast Asia

You would have read our predictions for Southeast Asia last week. Now, we have our predictions for what we think is going to happen further afield in 2018. Let us know what you think by commenting below or emailing us at… Continue Reading →

Real reason for Alibaba’s US$2.9 billion investment in offline retailer

Alibaba Group today announced that it is making a US$2.87 billion investment into Sun & Art Group, a retail group in China that operates Auchan and  RT-Mart. In total Sun & Art controls 446 hypermarkets across 29 provinces in China…. Continue Reading →

Are you addicted to data dashboards as I am?

When I was running a consumer mobile internet business, one thing I did most frequently was… Unlock my tablet and stare at the dashboard. Like one of the many here: Not only me, all my colleagues seemed to have the… Continue Reading →

Will Grab & Uber merge, with Softbank now a shareholder of both?

By now you always know what is happening: Uber’s board is allowing Softbank to become a shareholder. Probably a huge relief for early investors of Uber, many of whom are desperate to exit as their funds approach maturity. Of course… Continue Reading →

Ezbuy’s Taobao accounts suspended: What it should have done

In October, we published an article on the viability of Ezbuy facing an onslaught of Taobao entering Southeast Asia through Lazada. Now in the light of news that the Ezbuy accounts on Taobao has been suspended, we sounded almost prophetic…. Continue Reading →

Alipay & WeChat Pay stick, GrabPay doesn’t, literally

We came across this at a florist in Singapore. What does this tell us? Some of our thoughts: Alipay and WeChat Pay are very present in Singapore – and many other cities in Southeast Asia Chinese tourists frequent. GrabPay is… Continue Reading →

Lazada squeezes the likes of Ezbuy out in Southeast Asia

We have always been arguing that with the giants such as Alibaba, Lazada and entering the Southeast Asian market, smaller e-commerce platforms will increasingly find it difficult to survive, let alone grow. The same is happening to the Daigou… Continue Reading →

BYD owns the future of electric cars in China?

I was visiting a large taxi fleet operator in Southern China as part of a consulting project Momentum Works did for the municipal transportation authorities. The General Manager showed me their gigantic charging station for electric cars – as part… Continue Reading →

What do entrepreneurs really need

Technical skills are not useless – but they are not the dealbreaker. Money, doors, and psychology are. Last year, at a seminar in Singapore, a girl in the audience asked the panel, “I want to do a startup. I have… Continue Reading →

Why a derelict rural shop accepts WeChat & Alipay

I stopped my car to walk into this small grocery shop near the roadside to buy some bottled water. This was in the countryside in Eastern China, about 3.5 hours drive out of Shanghai. The shop was derelict – with… Continue Reading →

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