Friday, August 23, 2019

Microsoft Bing blocked in China? Everyone has missed this

What does Baidu have to do with this?

Toutiao copies Snapchat to fight Tencent?

Building on the success of Tik Tok

Which are the most popular apps in China?

And how Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and ByteDance are controlling everything

New version of WeChat copies “Story” of Snapchat & Instagram

And makes interesting tweaks to content discovery

Are Meituan and co responsible for China’s demographic crisis?

How Wu spends his day I have a friend who is 32 years old now. Let’s call him Wu. He is from Shanghai but works...

The Rise of LINE messenger in Indonesia

At one point in time, Indonesians were the most frequent users of BBM (previously BlackBerry Messenger) in the world: Source: SimilarWeb 2016 And BBM was...

Tencent goes to war

It announces restructuring to respond to numerous external threats.

The rise of Indonesia’s modern concept of coffee shops

Last week we wrote about how young Indonesians love going to the Cinemas which makes it a great customer acquisition channel. This week we...

TripAdvisor: the next go-to social media platform?

TripAdvisor is very soon going to look a lot like your Facebook newsfeed, with a dash of Instagram here and a dollop of AirBnB...

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