Since the launch of our first Apples to Apples report, the majority of the companies we analysed have reported a positive net income (i.e achieved profitability). But, we know that profitability is not the end of the journey. This prompts the question: What’s next for these tech platform companies?

This inspired the latest instalment in our popular Apples to Apples series “A2A 3.0: Benchmarking major tech platforms – what’s next after achieving profitability?

In this newest edition, we go beyond just analysing and benchmarking the financial performance of major tech platform companies – Shopee, Grab, GoTo, Uber, Zomato, Delivery Hero, Meituan and Pinduoduo.

The report dives into the macro trends shaping the future of these industries and explores how major tech platform companies have adapted, grown, or pivoted in response to the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

The >50-page Momentum Works A2A 3.0: Benchmarking major tech platforms – what’s next after achieving profitability? report covers the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Macro trends – 1) Platforms are profitable, 2) Investment in in-house capabilities, 3) Focus on mass markets, 4) Disruption by Chinese firms expanding globally
  3. Profitability achieved, what’s next? – How can these platforms sustain growth and profitability moving forward?
  4. Is GMV still relevant? – Is there still potential for GMV growth?
  5. How can platforms sustain revenue growth? – How will these companies continue to increase revenue?
  6. Is there still room for user growth? – How should they acquire previously untapped users?
  7. What should companies do with cash now? – Can they afford to burn or should they stash cash for more rainy days ahead?
  8. Conclusion

Find out the above insights, and more by purchasing the full A2A 3.0 report here:

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