Friday, August 23, 2019

New retail revolution in China failing?

Mastering grocery retail is promising but tough - with lots of bumps along the road

OLX Philippines is now Carousell: Groupon to Fave 2.0?

OLX is rejuvenating; Carousell is breathing

Why nobody in China goes to Carrefour anymore

You just need to visit one store to find out

Ex-Alibaba CEO on the secret to scaling B2B

Sharing by David Wei, who served as CEO of between 2006 and 2011, leading Alibaba’s B2B business. In addition to this piece, we...

Carrefour is finally giving up on China

Lost to the era of ecommerce

Majority of 2nd batch Grab Ventures Velocity startups Indonesian

Exciting time to build startups in Indonesia

Ex-CEO of Alibaba shares how to build successful B2B companies

Seven important areas of B2B ecommerce addressed

Wish all our Muslim friends a happy Eid

Make the global halal trade more trusted, and efficient

Ecommerce duopoly in Thailand – sooner or later? is falling behind

Jumia vs. Citron Research – who is lying?

Africa is still very, very early for B2C

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