Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Startup immersion programme for corporate leaders

There are many lessons that corporates are learning from startups on culture, environment, and most importantly, having a growth mindset. There have been many...

Will live commerce survive Southeast Asia?

When scrolling through an ecommerce platform, a question popped up so what is ecommerce? Is it just a platform to sell online? Or is...

TikTok’s testing in Indonesian e-commerce, educating sellers first

Gossip that TikTok, owned by ByteDance, entering the e-commerce business in Southeast Asia has been ongoing for a while. One of the earliest signs...

How MyTheresa’s Marketing strategies lead to success

MyTheresa, the Munich based online luxury fashion retailer, launched their IPO in January 2021. Their share price jumped more than 37% on the first...

Ecommerce platforms, stop the gimmicks and focus on customers!

Perspectives from a customer

After leaving Alibaba, where did Lazada’s former group CEO go?

In June 2020, Pierre Poignant was replaced by Chun Li as Group CEO of Lazada. The office report says that Poignant was moving to...

Who are the major shareholders of Tokopedia?

Softbank and Alibaba are the biggest shareholders.

Lazada reshuffles senior management, again

CEOs for Thailand and Malaysia replaced

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