Sunday, March 7, 2021

Digital Lending in Southeast Asia expected to grow at 52% CAGR

In Momentum Works’, “Foundational Stages of Digital Lending in Southeast Asia” report, we analyzed Southeast Asia’s digital lending landscape. The report provides a broad...

After leaving Alibaba, where did Lazada’s former group CEO go?

In June 2020, Pierre Poignant was replaced by Chun Li as Group CEO of Lazada. The office report says that Poignant was moving to...

Who are the major shareholders of Tokopedia?

Softbank and Alibaba are the biggest shareholders.

Commentary: Ant had such big ambitions. Then China authorities stepped in

Occupied with regulatory challenges at home, Ant’s distraction may be an opportunity for Southeast Asian Fintech players.

Lazada reshuffles senior management, again

CEOs for Thailand and Malaysia replaced

Chinese regulators explain the recent internet finance ban

How internet platforms selling deposit products increases systemic risk

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