Sunday, June 16, 2019

Join Indonesia Fintech Summit on 26 June in Shanghai

With a US$73 billion lending gap, Indonesia is the next opportunity for FinTech development after China. However, most people are unsure of how to...

Alipay starts doing payroll for companies

It strengthens Alipay's penetration into businesses

Who are the owners of OVO?

Grab and Tokopedia are the two biggest

Is Marvelstone Group fraud?

Or just dumb?

Jumia vs. Citron Research – who is lying?

Africa is still very, very early for B2C

Is Yunji a pyramid-marketing company?

What is its S2B2C model?

Souq is dead, long live Amazon (as we had predicted)

War drums right ahead of Ramadan

Repost: Do you understand Honestbee?

Honestbee is in the news again, with reports that it has run into serious cashflow problems. This just reminded us of a blog post we...

Blockchain for food safety, will it work?

Is blockchain and its associated ICOs just a fad? Many have made claims that blockchain will revolutionise things and make the world a better...

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