Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Impossible trinity of B2B startups

Volume, Turnover and Margin

Chinese tech entrepreneurs should go to Africa?

A powerful figure went all-in Africa.

Why P2P is doomed in China?

It is so easy to get into a vicious cycle

A deep dive into Touch N’ Go eWallet in Malaysia –...

What are the real inhibitors that need to be overcome for mass adoption

Chinese VCs find it hard to invest in Indonesia?

Fewer Chinese founders, expensive deals and unfamiliar sectors - these problems will disappear once you know the market more

Sneakers are the new bitcoins in China?

The craze is buoyed by the crypto trading infrastructure and talent looking for the next big thing

So many pretenders, now real Costco is in China

Retail is still hard in China

Opportunities and Challenges of Fintech in Southeast Asia

Chinese fintech companies have explored the Indonesian fintech market since the end of 2017, and eventually growing and expanding overseas to India, Vietnam, and...

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