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Language, customs & localisation

Our comments about ‘blackface’ in CCTV New Year Gala

Beyond the media fluff, what does it really mean?

Happy Lunar New Year/Chúc mừng xuân mới

We love sharing our thoughts – and to our (own) surprise, we have written hundreds of articles in the Year of the Rooster, which will end tomorrow.

We prefer talking to emails

Part of the Momentum Works team were in China last week. We had been invited by one of our joint venture partners in China for the Rooster year end celebrations, and of course, decided to stay the whole week to… Continue Reading →

“but they did not reply to my email!”

A culture of excuses is extremely toxic and should not be tolerated in tech companies

[MW Q&A] People in China are paying big money for online content, why?

In the first of a series, we answer questions provided by our readers.

[MW Weekend] Here’s why you need to listen to the unspoken words

Sensitivity to cultural events is now a common practice for corporations, especially for those who deal with the general public.

Decision making in a startup: give up some to gain more

Most startups a have limited runway, constantly running against time, market, and competition. It is imperative to ensure that the right person calls the shots to avoid costly delays or deadlocks.  A proper, and efficient, decision making mechanism makes great… Continue Reading →

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