Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Netflix story

The Netflix Story Watching TV shows has become much like reading books these days. When you pick up an exciting novel, the chapters don’t reveal...

From maps to emojis: teaching Russian entrepreneurs about Southeast Asia

This week Momentum Works went to the LKY School of Public Policy to hold a workshop for a group of EMBA students from Russia....

[TLD Weekend] Social apps in the Middle East are Chinese-made?

Yes, these top apps are Chinese-made, but they won over the hearts and minds of Middle Eastern users. How?

Half of Your Favourite Video Apps are MADE IN CHINA

2017 was a great year for short video apps in China. Domestic competition was fierce, and it quickly became a Red Ocean for investors...

Access versus privacy – is it even a choice?

The scandal involving Facebook supplying data to Cambridge Analytica indeed raised a lot of questions on the price that consumers pay for a “free” service.

Why Toutiao’s Tik Tok is so popular in Southeast Asia's operational experience, former Uber executive, and good backbones for the markets.

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