Sunday, January 17, 2021

From maps to emojis: teaching Russian entrepreneurs about Southeast Asia

This week Momentum Works went to the LKY School of Public Policy to hold a workshop for a group of EMBA students from Russia....

[TLD Weekend] Social apps in the Middle East are Chinese-made?

Yes, these top apps are Chinese-made, but they won over the hearts and minds of Middle Eastern users. How?

Half of Your Favourite Video Apps are MADE IN CHINA

2017 was a great year for short video apps in China. Domestic competition was fierce, and it quickly became a Red Ocean for investors...

Access versus privacy – is it even a choice?

The scandal involving Facebook supplying data to Cambridge Analytica indeed raised a lot of questions on the price that consumers pay for a “free” service.

Why Toutiao’s Tik Tok is so popular in Southeast Asia's operational experience, former Uber executive, and good backbones for the markets.

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