Friday, May 29, 2020

[MW Weekend] Why would you buy sugar free energy drinks

There are some unintended benefits which makes you more at easy, especially during long, bumpy road trips
Vegetables, but not vegetarian

[MW Weekend] Here’s why you need to listen to the unspoken...

Sensitivity to cultural events is now a common practice for corporations, especially for those who deal with the general public.

A(nother) recruitment video from Momentum Works

Interested in what we are doing? Drop us an email.

[MW Weekend] Can you use Siri to game HQ Trivia?

We tested Siri for HQ Trivia - and we have a challenge for you as well

You will love this recruitment video

To spice our sales pitch up a bit, we have prepared a short video.

[MW weekend] Did India’s demonetisation cause protests in Iran?

Butterfly effect? No - we think otherwise, after a simple exercise.

Avoiding recruitment and retention pitfalls

We share some of our tips when it comes to hiring, on-boarding and retaining team members.

Why Jack Ma is missing from the dinner of Chinese internet...

There is a photo circulating on the internet about some of the most prominent names of Chinese mobile internet industry gathering at the same...

Alipay & WeChat Pay stick, GrabPay doesn’t, literally

We came across this at a florist in Singapore. What does this tell us? Some of our thoughts: Alipay and WeChat Pay are very present...

Trivia: Chinese internet companies dig animal names

If you've been closely following Chinese internet industry, you might notice a very interesting phenomenon: Many companies use animals or plants in their logos,...

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