Monday, July 4, 2022

Chasing the Weasel, HR’s Role in Protecting the Company and Preventing...

This article is contributed by Kirby Zhang, former regional Human Resources Director of P&G ASEAN and APAC. He has been working as Head of...

How to transform & enable your future leaders

A case study of a programme Momentum Works team recently conducted

How to stay sane and survive a toxic workplace

It’s completely obvious for everyone to be able to spot some signs of bullying and toxic environment, especially at work. The absence of appreciation,...

What is digital transformation?

And how to tackle it properly

How important is experience when hiring?

When it comes to hiring, many job postings will specify a certain number of years of experience as a requirement. But is it really...

Good corporate vs bad corporate

Ever heard someone comment "You're too corporate" or "This place is too corporate". Do you consider yourself to be in one of these places? What...

Are you sure you want to join a startup?

Popping the bubbles of joining a startup

Corporates partnering startups – how to choose?

It takes more than fame and cash to make the partnership a success.

What a Poker game taught us about decision making

Our team explored the decision making process with imperfect information and its outcome through a game of Texas Hold’em Poker.

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