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Early stage

Why founders increasingly hate the word ‘startup’

Only two years ago, startup was the ‘in’ thing and friends who were launching their ventures were proudly declaring they were a ‘startup’. The mood seems to have changed dramatically since. What I often hear nowadays is: “what are you… Continue Reading →

Stop striving to be productive, think more and embrace change

  Many leaders know that they are on a different lane, but still want to put themselves in their employees’ shoes. Somehow, the notion of teamwork and brotherhood (or sisterhood) led them to having all the wrong ideas on what a… Continue Reading →

Greatest motivation for entrepreneurs

“I am just trying to think about the future and not be sad.” A few months ago, a veteran in Singapore’s tech scene threw me this question: “How do we empower our entrepreneurs to dream big, to solve humanity’s real… Continue Reading →

The gold rush in Indonesian payday loan market – Part 2

In the first part of this article, we took a look at the craze of Chinese mobile payday loan companies entering the Indonesian market. In the second installment, we are going to review the key challenges and risks they are… Continue Reading →

The gold rush in Indonesian payday loan market – Part 1

In a recent Fintech investor brief in Singapore, where more than 50 investors participated, almost nobody was aware of the huge gold rush that is happening right across the Java Sea in Indonesia – Chinese mobile payday loan companies are… Continue Reading →

What do entrepreneurs really need

Technical skills are not useless – but they are not the dealbreaker. Money, doors, and psychology are. Last year, at a seminar in Singapore, a girl in the audience asked the panel, “I want to do a startup. I have… Continue Reading →

Decision making in a startup: give up some to gain more

Most startups a have limited runway, constantly running against time, market, and competition. It is imperative to ensure that the right person calls the shots to avoid costly delays or deadlocks.  A proper, and efficient, decision making mechanism makes great… Continue Reading →

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