Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Were IPOs really profitable for investors in 2021?

We witnessed several startups raise funds very easily in 2021 along with quite a few high profile companies going public. There was a record...

First mover curse (and other pitfalls) for fresh entrepreneurs

Coming from a team that has seen a lot of companies boom and bust - we will always be keen to hear the idea, but will also want to understand more about the management team, the business plan as well as the implementation plan.

Rise of cross-border C2C shopping

Availability of platforms such as Jetspree and Airfrov, has helped turn every passenger into a potential personal shopper.

Estonian E-Residency, a superior alternative for startup founders

Trying to escape high taxes, tight regulations or political instability?

How to keep the team lean and motivated when funding takes...

Shayak Mazumder, CEO of Eunimart, shares his personal experience. Eunimart is a cross-border ecommerce company that is specifically catered to sellers in India.

Don’t over-estimate the market of your SaaS product

Just less than a year ago, the market was abuzz with the crazy valuation of SaaS companies - such as Slack for example. Now...

Invested by the big boys – you might not be as...

Our recent encounters with a content platform based out of Jakarta, Indonesia has a tragic ring to it.

How to tell impostors and bullshitters from real startup/tech experts

As purveyors of tech stories that are not often covered, we have ourselves (internally) prepared a checklist of bullshit - to separate truth from...

Avoiding recruitment and retention pitfalls

We share some of our tips when it comes to hiring, on-boarding and retaining team members.

Why founders increasingly hate the word ‘startup’

Only two years ago, startup was the ‘in’ thing and friends who were launching their ventures were proudly declaring they were a ‘startup’. The...

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