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Bitcoin – last wake up call for financial players

With some pundits pricing Bitcoin at US$100,000 in the next 18 months, time to wake up!

Our interpretations of Comfort Uber tie-up

A rumour that had been circulating for a few weeks was proved to be true. Comfort DelGro, Singapore’s biggest taxi company, has finally confirmed in an announcement ( that it is acquiring 51% of Lion City Car Rental (LCR), a… Continue Reading →

“But it does not have any F***ing use”

One very sophisticated presentation was unfolding at a demo day that I attended in Beijing recently. The founder was so confident about his customer acquisition strategy that he spent almost 80% of his allocated time explaining it (in a very… Continue Reading →

How to market effectively in SEA without cracking your head

Offline marketing prowess makes all the difference. It is increasingly becoming a crowded space for advertisers to promote their brands online. Not only is it expensive, with so many ads vying for user attention, it is also becoming less effective…. Continue Reading →

Stop striving to be productive, think more and embrace change

  Many leaders know that they are on a different lane, but still want to put themselves in their employees’ shoes. Somehow, the notion of teamwork and brotherhood (or sisterhood) led them to having all the wrong ideas on what a… Continue Reading →

Ripe time for food tech in SEA, but not your usual type

We Southeast Asians are probably obsessed with our food: we not only instagram the hell out of it, but also debate with our friendly neighbor about origins of some popular regional dishes. We also see aficionados building more and more… Continue Reading →

Bitcoin passed $7000, what does it mean for you?

Bitcoin seems to be all the hype now – from Main Street to Wall Street. I get calls now and then to talk about Bitcoin, and many also asked if I sold any. Is it yet time to sell? I’ll tell you… Continue Reading →

Brands losing their grip in ecommerce era – or are they?

E-commerce has grown to be a powerful distribution channel for goods, and I believe it will continue to grow in weight and influence in years to come. For many brands, this is an opportunity (to reach out to more customer and… Continue Reading →

Innovation – you never arrive

The other day, someone told me while it was easier to start a business in this day and age, it is hard to do a good business due to depressed profits, and intense competition. My response was straight to point,… Continue Reading →

Decision making in a startup: give up some to gain more

Most startups a have limited runway, constantly running against time, market, and competition. It is imperative to ensure that the right person calls the shots to avoid costly delays or deadlocks.  A proper, and efficient, decision making mechanism makes great… Continue Reading →

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